About me



It is my mission to support and inspire others

to discover their POWER

and way to joyous peace and harmony.


I am a certified “Senior Coach” in the Zen Coaching approach and have a “Professional Coach” diploma.

For years, I have been fascinated by the possibilities offered by coaching and its results. I provide workshops ans individual sessions based on Zen Coaching and other coaching methods in Poland and wherever I happen to be, and I love travelling!

I am always taking care of my personal and professional development, participating in numerous workshops, trainings, courses and retreats. I have a degree in Sociology and Management (marketing specialist) and have done a post-graduate Diploma in “Professional Coaching at the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. I have also done a post-graduate Diploma in “Social Communication and PR” at the Higher School of Banking in Toruń.

Between 2010 and 2014, I participated in running the Coaching Centre and the Leon Koźmiński Academy organizing workshops, seminars and international coaching conferences.

I have been working with Zen Coaching since 2012, and have assisted in delivering all editions of the Zen Coaching training in Poland since 2013. I am also a member of the organization team as it is very important for me that the approach is present and available also in this country. Since 2013, I have been participating in the Zen Coaching Deepening Training at level 2 in Poland and in Sweden, where I am also an assistant. I have done the Facitator’s ZC Training and the supervision programme, and my coaching work is supported by constant supervision. In April 2018, I received my “Senior Coach” certification at the international Zen Coaching community as a first person from Poland and second in the world. I support the Zen Coaching Community in Poland and take care of making sure Zen Coaching is noticed in Poland. I am a member of the Zen Coaching Association of Coaches and belong to the “International Zen Coaching Community”.

It has always been my priority to support others in their development and blossoming. in 2015, I conducted the cycle coaching workshops “Let’s Meet Here and Now” for Poles in Italy at the Polish Honorary Consulate in Bolonia.

In 2008 – 2012, I was manager of 4 music groups: Transsexdisco, The Lollipops, Graf Hotel and Gra Pozorów. For over 10 years I have been actively supporting the charity foundation “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy” helping to organise the final concerts and conducting workshops for volunteers in Ełk and other charity campaigns..

As a lover of music and life “here and now”, I conduct Active Osho Meditations on a regular basis. My adventure with meditation started in 2010 and it is very much part of my life today. At first I ran them for friends as regular activities in Warsaw, which gave rise to the  „MedytacjeAktywne.pl” project. These days I organise and run various meditations for friends and anyone who is interested.

I love visiting meditation centres and my favourite is “Osho Miasto” in Tuscany.

I have been through the international supervision process and am a certified Osho Active Meditation Facilitator. I conduct meditations in various parts of Poland and the world depending on where I happen to be at the time.

I support a variety of developmental projects like the “Love Yourself As You Really Are” campaign for which I was an Ambassador and shared my “Diary of Love and Gratitude”.

I love drawing, painting and creating madalas in a variety of ways. I love travels, large and small, which give me the chance to witness the delights of Poland and other corners of the world. I consider myself a local patriot who is always in love with her native Ełk. I love meeting new people and discovering those I already know anew. Of increadible importance to me is contact with nature and animals, while good concerts, films and above all people simply inspire me. I’m always developing and taking part in al kinds of developmental workshop. I find joy in experiencing life and noticing the magic of each passing day. Apart from that I love interior design, clothes design and the creation of artistic things and albums.


My life mottos



“Listen with the ears of tolerance. Look with the eyes of sympathy. Speak the language of love” RUMI



“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it” ALBERT SCHWEITZER



“Let us become the change we seek in the world” MAHATMA GANDHI