is presence, awareness, mindfulness, relaxed attention, true nature, life deeply connected with its essence as it reveals itself and manifests from moment to moment in its surprising and creative way.




Is the art of supporting in the discovery of one’s own inner resources and answers to one’s own questions.

This happens mainly thanks to deep respectful listening and the posing of important questions.





Zen Coaching is a simple yet powerful tool for supporting a person in their search for their true potential.

In this way, we can experience life in inner peace, strength and joy, naturally contributing to our own well being and that of others through entering into contact at the level of fullness rather than fear or sense of neediness.

This opens us up to fulfilment, success and life with a sense of power not only in our personal lives but also at the social and professional levels, whatever role or duties we have found to be our lot.


The main aim of Zen Coaching is supporting us in the discovery of our true nature as consciousness together with all its significant qualities like freedom, love, power, creativity and space. Through this discovery we grow less attached to our mental state and negative self-judgments and judgements of others while growing more free to live in strength, peace and the positive self-support and support of others.




The practical advantages include the experience of life in greater harmony with the call of our heart: to name but a few, life in our real potential with a greater sense of self confidence, creativity and ease, in clearer and more inspiring communication and leadership.

Zen Coaching helps us gain a deeper connection with our own self and our real source of strength, wisdom and creativity. It achieves this through helping us to discover the power of the present moment and experience of the ease and fulfilment in the effortless flow of life.

This brings us value in all areas of our life; in our relations with our selves and others, success in professional life, our leadership capacities, in our health and so many other areas.

We discover how to answer more frequently with wisdom rather than simply react with our automatic pilot even in very demanding and difficult situations. These who take part in the Zen Coaching training learn how to discover or deepen our own capacity to help others in the transformation of inner blocks and release potential through quality listening and simple yet powerful questions.

Zen Coaching is also a process and collection of principles that define how to help people in arriving at their own true selves and grow as human beings.





Zen Coaching is a process of listening and approach to life based on the following principles:

listening from the inner space

in which your Coach offers you listening in the form of open, full acceptance and liberating presence based mainly on silence, open questions and verbal mirroring. Thus the process you go through has space to reveal itself to the full in accordance with its own intelligence and at its own pace.

Helping by not doing:

we are not trying to fix you, give you advice or even help you. We are trying to support you with our very own simple presence, our Being There and our consciousness.

Empathic connection:

the coach’s main instrument is the offering of empathic listening and being in contact with what is alive in the moment.

It is support of deep self-connection:

Zen Coaching assumes that everyone’s basic need and longing is self-connection and the finding of inspiration as the consciousness we all are. All that we perceive as problems is the external manifestation of separation from what we really are. Problems disappear when we achieve deep self-connection.


When, in Zen Coaching, we base or practice on the above principles, we can also reach out for other techniques that my aid us in the discovery of our internal resources and recognition of our possibilities.

The aim of Zen Coaching is reachable here and now through simple noticing, allowance and full experience of that what we are experiencing right now. There is no need to wait, and there is no need to seek fulfilment in the future. Fulfilment, ease and wisdom are the essence of everything that makes up our experience of here and now


The Zen Coaching method was created in 2004 by Kåre Landfald from Norway.
Kåre Landfald was inspired in the creation of the Zen Coaching method by, among others, the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, A.H. Almaas (The Diamond Approach), Marshall B Rosenberg (Nonviolent Communication) and the principles of modern coaching, teaching and leadership.

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